Pastors Paul B. & Yasmin Mitchell

Senior Pastors of Changing Lives Christian Center

On behalf of myself, Mrs. Mitchell and the entire C.L.C.C family,

I would like to say welcome to our site. I would like to share with you a little about our church. 

It is a very Friendly Environment, conducive for spiritual and natural growth. It is A Place Where You Can Be Yourself. C.L.C.C is

A Place That Encourages A Real Relationship With God, Not A Religious One. We believe strongly in building up individuals so that they can ultimately build strong families. We encourage family time because strong families build strong communities. Most importantly, C.L.C.C is a Place Where You And Your Family Will Be Taught The Word of God In A Very Practical Meaningful Way.

For example, it is God’s desire that as believers we seek Him and come into the full knowledge of who He is, and who we are in Him. 


My Mission As Your Pastor is to teach you how to unwrap the Gift of Love, Hope, and Prosperity in your own life and how to use these tools to propel you into His purpose. The Bible emphatically declares that God wants us to physically prosper as our soul prospers.


Prosperity is not just referring to money, but rather prosperity is a wholeness word. God wants you to prosper in your mind, body and in your soul.


In closing, I would like to take this time to personally invite you and your family to visit with us on one of our Sunday morning worship services at 10:30 am or on Wednesday’s at 8:00 PM for Christian Teaching Classes.

To Find out further, how to discover your full potential in Christ and in life, Please refer to our service schedule for more information.


Thank you again for visiting our site and remember that

Changing Lives Christian Center is a place where ...

"Love Lives and Lives are Changed”. 


At His Service & Yours,
Senior Lead Pastor
Changing Lives Chrsitian Center